Blog Neglect & The Monday Morning Snark

I am seriously guilty of blog neglect the past week. Things at work just seemed to move at a hectic pace this past week. I even started a blog post on Wednesday and never finished it. Perhaps I will rework it for later this week.

From this weekend: M. purchased a new weed eater because our Craftsman weed eater is a dud. We now have an electric one, which I used to think was stupid – who wants to drag a cord all over the yard? Well, with the ever-rising gas prices and considering the size of our yard, it made more sense to get the electric. That is not the snark. On the way to pick up the weed eater I inadvertently braked a little later than usual at a red light. No, I did not crash into any other cars, however it circumvented M.’s “coast as long as you can to save gas rule.” I am all for saving gas and do try to do what I can to drive sensibly and save as much as possible, but I do not want to hear “You just lost $.50” every time I accelerate a bit faster or brake a bit harder than the gas-saving bible dictates. So M. got a good dose of my snarky side and I refused to go into Sears with him. We were fine again by the time we got to PetSmart to pick up the cat litter and a new poop scoop.

In other weekend news, I finished both Stardust and What the Dead Know. Stardust was okay, the movie was a bit better, in my opinion. That seems to be my opinion a lot lately when I see the book-based movie or show prior to reading the book. What the Dead Know was fantastic! I have been waiting to check it out from the library for some time because I read a review on it somewhere. The library has several books by the author, Laura Lippman, but I didn’t want to try any of those until I read What the Dead Know. Now that I finally have read it and really enjoyed it I will have to pick up some more Laure Lippman books next time I’m in the library.

Monday morning: The weekend snark was probably precipitated by the fact that on our way to Sears to pick up the weed eater the evil orange check engine light once again came on in my 300M. M. and I were both pretty snarky about that considering we just had the car into the service shop twice in the past two weeks for the same problem! M. will be calling the service shop this morning to do as he says, “rip them a new asshole.” I hope he doesn’t tear a hole too big, I still need these people to fix my car!

I know, not as snarky as usual, but the day has just begun and with that evil orange light staring at me all the way to work this morning anything can happen… stay tuned.


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