The Monday Morning Snark

Hello all my faithful readers – at least I do know I have a few at work, and M. even put the Snark Chronicles on his link toolbar thingy in his web browser!

From this weekend:
Not too much to snark at over the weekend – it was a pretty good weekend. Nice enough weather, M. did his chore of mowing the yard and helped with the laundry. We finished watching the second season of Dexter and watched the movie Atonement.

The biggest problem was my own fault. I made lasagna. Now normally, this would be a wonderful thing, especially for M. who really likes lasagna and I never make it. Well, Pioneer Woman put a lasagna recipe on her cooking blog awhile back and I printed it out so I could make some tasty lasagna once we went grocery shopping (a chore we both hate, so we can make our meager dwindling supplies last for weeks on end).

Well, we had gone grocery shopping and the fridge was all stocked up. I set to making the lasagna Saturday evening. I was well into boiling noodles, mixing meat and herbs, making the whole house smell like Italian goodness when I realized I was missing a vital ingredient – mozzarella cheese! It was too late to go back, so I muddled on and replaced the mozzarella with Parmesan (using up all our Parmesan in the process). Once plated and served, I could tell M. was not loving the lasagna. He ate very slowly, kind of pushing the meat and noodles apart. I finally asked him if he wanted me to make him something else. “No,” he said, “it’s just a little too garlicky for me.” Well, there was no garlic in my lasagna even though the recipe called for it. I always skip the onions and garlic because M. doesn’t like them and I am prone to get heartburn from them. I told him so, and he said, “Well, it has that kind of taste to me.” I think he was tasting my overdose of parsley flakes with no mozzarella to temper them. So my long awaited lasagna went down the disposal and mozzarella and Parmesan cheese made it onto my shopping list for next time.

Another little weekend blunder was my Saturday morning shopping experience. I rarely do any shopping that is not online. Pretty much the only time I do enter a store is when we need household items, which we put off as long as possible, so I very rarely go shopping in actual stores. and are my BFFs!

Anyway, I was in high spirits Saturday morning. I got up, had my breakfast of Schwan french toast sticks with sliced bananas and a glass of milk, watched the past week’s episode of Top Chef, and then cleaned our bathrooms, did several loads of laundry, and did a deep clean on the Littermaid – that is a nasty job! So, feeling pretty good about my morning of housework, I decided I would go to the library and then go to a local craft/hobby store. The main purpose of the trip to the craft/hobby store was to get a fillable cookbook so I could keep all my favorite recipes together in one place and also easily port them up to my parents’ house in June so I can wow them with my wonderful cooking.

Now, I did not want any old binder or notebook. I wanted a fillable cookbook with a stand so I could prop it up on my counter top while cooking. I thought surely this store would have something like that. But alas, they did not. The trip was not a total waste since they did have decorative glass 50% off and I needed some glass containers because I am planning to make some terrariums (M. had no idea what a terrarium was when I told him that I planned on making some). So I have some containers.

Not giving up, I also went to a local bookstore thinking they absolutely would have the cookbook I wanted, might be a little more expensive than the craft/hobby store, but they would have some. Actually, no, they do not have any. So poo, I am now going to have to look for some kind of binder or something. In any case, I do need to get some of those index cards that I have not used since high school… This likely means another venture into a local store which will heighten my social/crowd anxiety… and create a snarky post for another day. I will keep everyone updated on my search for the perfect cookbook since I know you are all dying to know about that!

Early Snark for this week:
I’ve mentioned that our company had to downsize in the recent past. Well, this left an overabundance of office supplies hanging out in our supply closet. My highlighter ran out of inkiness this morning so I went to the supply closet. There were no new highlighters of the kind I just tossed in my wastebasket. There were however, several different kinds of used highlighters in the supply closet, including one of the kind I just tossed. Well, you might think, problem solved! Actually no. I have a love of office supplies. I love setting up and reorganizing my office – at work and home. However, this has a stipulation. I love brand new office supplies. I abhor using used office supplies. Because of the downsizing and financial crunch I will be reduced to using the half used and abandoned supplies in the closet or I will have to resort to buying my own supplies, but that means going to a store, and well, I already snarked about that.

Also, I wish for bossman to think about revisions he writes before he has me do them. I do not enjoy doing 4-5 revisions of the same document when those revisions usually mean adjusting just a few words each time…


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