More Snarkiness for Your Enjoyment

Okay, with my post this morning I had very little to snark about – even though I found a way to make that post very long… Well, if I had waited just a few more hours I could have been a very, very long post indeed.

M. and I traded in M.’s Dodge Ram pickup last October due to fuel efficiency (the thing had none) and because we really don’t need a truck. I ended up getting the newer car even though we traded in M.’s truck. That’s just how much of a sweetie he is (well, most of the time). The car I am now driving is a Chrysler 300M and I love that car. What I do not love is the dealership who sold it to us.

We ended up going to the same dealership that we got our previous two vehicles from – the Dodge Ram and a Buick Regal that M. is now driving. The sales were okay, but not enough that I would have said I would never buy another vehicle anywhere else. It just happened they had a car I really liked (it wasn’t white, had a sunroof, and leather seats) and they ended up giving us the price we wanted plus the trade-in value we wanted on the truck. So, you think, everything is hunky dory? Well, no. As soon as I drove off the lot the night we purchased the thing the check engine light popped on. I checked the car’s manual and since it was the solid light and not the flashy one, the manual recommended I drive it for a few “regular driving cycles” and if it remained on to get it serviced. So I drove it for a few days and that light stay on the entire time. Luckily, the car was under a 30 day warranty and we got the catalytic converter replaced for free. Check engine light off.

I drove the car until early this month and then that check engine light popped back on. I drove it for a few days, it stayed on. I had just gotten an oil change at a different service place, so I called and made an appointment for a diagnostic test for the following Saturday. Drove the car, drove the car, and then Friday, check engine light goes off. Great! I cancel my Saturday appointment.

The very next Tuesday, once again there is that darn orange check engine light staring at me. So I drive it a couple days and it’s not going off, so I call the service center at the dealership we got the car from. About $400 later I have a new cylinder thingy and some kind of new pump. Car should be happy, check engine light should be appeased.

That was about a week ago. I got in my car this morning to go get the lenses for my glasses put in and there is that evil orange light. I was going to wait until after I had my lunch to call the service center yet again, so I called M. to tell him about the light and how pissed off I am. He sympathizes and tells me he’s sleepy. I tell him poor you and get off the phone so I can stew in snarky rage over that stupid light. I decided I am not waiting to call that darn service center, so I find the number in my ‘recent numbers’ on my cell and call them up. “Service center, this is LilSeed. I had my Chrysler 300M in about a week ago because the check engine light was on.” Service center remembers me. “Well, it’s on again.” Service center seems stumped and asks when I can bring it in. So tomorrow morning I make another trip to drop off my car and then wait to be shuttled back to work and wait anxiously for them to run another diagnostic test on my poor 300M.

Add to that I checked out the mega store where I got my lenses to see if they had the kind of cookbook I wanted and did they? Did they? Of course they didn’t. One stop shopping my ass. I did get my index cards, but have yet to have any kind of book to put them in.

I hate the service center and the mega store.


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