That in which I am (dare I say it) WRONG

I like to be right and hate to be wrong (but the wrong thing never happens, right?). Even though I am so right almost all the time, there are those moments when I am reminded that not everyone, not even I, can be right all the time (I just come very, very close).

One of those moments was yesterday during one of our office’s wonderful <insert snarky sarcasism here> meetings. Last week I had gotten a tad frustrated and sent out an email that basically said, “Don’t do this anymore, it creates more work for me and shouldn’t you know not to do this anyway?!” Then in our meeting yesterday this was brought up as a topic of discussion and low and behold, I was wrong. Yes, the way I thought this particular thing was supposed to be done is not the way to do it. Egg on my face and I get the big eye roll from myself (and perhaps some coworkers – although if this is the case they were nice enough to do it behind my back).

Plus, AB gets a warm snarky because I was all finger pointy and “don’t do that” and I was in the wrong. Plus, AB has been dealing with a particularly tough client situation.

RR needs a warm snarky too, just because she’s RR and uses words like “pithy” which I enjoy.

MH – warm snarky to you too for the ride to pick up my finicky car yesterday.

M. gets a warm snary too for throwing me a bone and commenting on my Olivia photos of which I am so proud.

So, in summary, big eye roll for me, warm snarkies all around!



  1. Storm said,

    April 16, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    I get a warm snary?

  2. Anonymous said,

    April 16, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    I am laying in bed reading my favorite blogs because I have strep throat! Yes the same affliction affecting scores of pre-pubescent youths, including my darling (read: snarky) stepson. Loved your blog today because I thought there could surely not be anyone in the tristate area who likes to be right as much do I! Alas, I am wrong. – RR

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