An Engineer’s Guide to Cats…

… or basically how our Clyde and Luigi get treated too! Watch this entertaining video!

We only have two cats, but there are some very striking similarities with the three cats in this video. Clyde is colored like a fuzzy Oscar and Ginger, but is built more like Zoe. Behaviorally, he is also more like Zoe – he is our marathon lounger. However, like Ginger, Clyde is also an awesome dancer – he really enjoys something with a heavy bass beat. Luigi has more energy and would most resemble Oscar in deconstructive art. You should see the Luigi art work on our walls!

We also employ the corporal cuddling method of punishment. M. doesn’t use the kisses, but otherwise his method is the same. I do use the kisses, but not during corporal cuddling. Clyde is a pretty good yodeler too!

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of cat humor. Good night!

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