OfficeView Pro 3.11 – A reality check?

At our office we use spiffy nifty little program called OfficeView Pro 3.11 to help determine if people are in the office, and if they are in, are they available to take calls, answer questions, help others, bitch at, nag, etc.

OfficeView could also be used as a reality check for what is happening in our office over the past few months – we’re shrinking. And no, it’s not because of all the rain. Silly readers, our office does not melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. It’s due to the dreaded downsizing.

When I started working here about 4 years ago, all the employees had offices on the first floor and all the employees’ names fit on the OfficeView display without having to resize or scroll. Oh, the simplicity of popping that thing up and getting everyone’s status at a glance! But then we started growing and rapidly over the next 2 years OfficeView became a monster and you had to do all sorts of resizing and scrolling to be able to see what everyone was up to. Oh the scrolling created so much work!

But then our business took a huge nosedive and we had to financially scale back. This meant people lost their jobs. In once case, a person who had been here about 6-7 years lost her job and I think she took it as a betrayal… In any case, we were now shrinking. OfficeView once again because manageable, but at the same time it is sort of depressing. Now we long again for the days of resizing and scrolling.

Also, if you take a look at today’s OfficeView display below, you will see even in our depleted state, we have only about half of the employees in at 10:30am. Belch! I want to set my OfficeView status to ‘In, But Unavailable.’ I want this to be my status forevermore – but then where would annoying ‘I registered my cell phone!’ get all her information? Who would she bother? Actually, I would like to permanently set myself as ‘Out,’ but then would the entire agency implode? One wonders….


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