Get ready for dinner parties and sexy beards

Who missed me? Oh, you didn’t notice I didn’t post over the weekend? Maybe you didn’t miss me. That’s okay. I spent the weekend sleeping off cramps and steam cleaning my living room floor. M. is the official picker upper of wet cat hair the steam cleaner sucks up and deposits on the top of the carpet. We could probably make a new kitten out of the amount of hair that thing sucks up. Now doesn’t that sounds like a weekend in heaven?

This post once a day for a whole month thing (NaBloPoMo) is kicking my butt this month. Workdays, easy peasy. Who wouldn’t rather post than work? Weekends? Sleeping usually sounds better than posting. It’s probably because most of my material comes from the office. Oh, that reminds me, The Office is back this week with an all new episode!! Get ready for Michael and Jan’s dinner party. Dwight was not invited… Also, who thinks Ryan looks sexy with his new beard (well, it was new last season, or was that the beginning of this season? I can no longer tell since the writer’s strike interrupted everything) . Anyway, tune in this Thursday for dinner parties and sexy beards. If you’ve never watched The Office, get the DVD’s of the first three seasons and catch up! If you like my blog you will love The Office. Now that is a ringing endorsement!

Since I have no witty letter to post today (at least not yet…) here are some things that might entertain you this morning:

  • Expressions by Ree the Pioneer Woman. Ree is one of my favorite bloggers right now. Her posts are funny, her photos are great, and she has some darn good recipes – just ask M. He has been amazed by my cooking lately and most of it is thanks to Ree!
  • Spacesuit or swimsuit? That is the question posed by this article on forecast earth. Maybe it could be called the “Highlight those genitals” suit?
  • Ewww – how dirty is your cell phone? Mine isn’t too bad because I almost never use it. But here’s an interesting video about all the bacteria living on your mobile device. The guy in the blue and white striped shirt is kinda cute, in a slightly dorky way. The bathroom scene reminds me of someone in my office… what’s growing on his phone? Yucky!
  • Maybe weekends off from my blog are a good thing (even though I have yet to earn any money from this blog..) Be careful how much you blog!
  • One last thing, my new favorite digital scrapping site is Scrap Orchard. They’ve been having some ‘freebee’ giveaways the past week and some challenges to celebrate their grand opening. I did a few layouts this weekend to participate and plan to do another one tonight. Check out the gallery and see if you can find my lovely postings. I even used human subjects instead of my favorite furries.

Lists was the March NaBloPoMo theme. Not only is April kicking my butt, I am reverting to March. Oh well, I am allowed a few crazy days a month, right?


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