To the local cosmetic surgery place:

I heard your advertisement on the radio the other morning. I am disgusted by your new target: sensitive parents who worry their child may not be a beauty queen or the best looking boy in class.

Yes, some children need cosmetic surgery to correct some kind of deformity (birth, accident-related, etc.), however this not what you speak to in your commercial. You instead tell parents that they can get their children “fixed” and “pageant ready” and they can now do it as early as 2 months old. I shudder to think of the parent who hear this commercial, look at their baby lying in his or her crib, and thinks, “hmm, you could look better… let’s get you ready for those pageants!”

The parents who would take advantage of your services just to pretty up their child also disgust me, however, local cosmetic surgery place, you are perpetuating the problem by advertising the way you do.

I hope that due to your poor choice and tactless advertising that your business drops. I hope you never get a 2 month old child in your office because they are not “pageant ready.” I hope you feel ashamed.


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