Standard Equipment

Dear Fellow Drivers,

Did you know your car comes with some amazing standard equipment? From my road time experiences, it is obvious some of you do not. Let me introduce you to this little beauty: the turn signal. You might also know the turn signal as “blinkers,” “flashers,” “indicators,” or “that little stick sticking out of the steering wheel.”

Since this has been included on cars since the 1920’s in some form or another, your car should be equipped with a turn signal. Did you know that this little device will let the other drivers around you that are not clairvoyant know when you are going to make a turn! Wow!

Since most vehicles have this handy dandy feature sticking out of the left side of the steering column all you need to do is reach over there and give it a little push to activate it when you feel like making your vehicle go right or left. Once activated, lights will flash on the front and the back of your vehicle so those other drivers around you will know you are going to turn. NOTE: you will also see little flashy arrows on your dash, so you too will know you are turning!

This means when we both stop at a four-way stop and I am waiting for you to go straight because of lack of turn signal, you could reach down and flip that sucker on and I would know you are going to turn and not go straight!

Also, at the pesky two-way stop on my way home that crosses a major highway, I’ve seen a plethora of fellow drivers make left turns without bothering to use their turn signal. Perhaps you just didn’t know that your care is equipped with this handy dandy device? Well, in any case, you do have one, so please, to avoid a good number of accidents that occur at this particular intersection, reach over there and flip that sucker on! Your left turn needs not be a secret any more!

I know that the use of your turn signal may interrupt other driving activities, such as smoking, applying makeup, eating, etc., but it would be such a huge favor to me if you would just use that darn thing, especially now that I have written to make you aware of this standard equipment on your vehicle. For further reference, you could always pull your vehicle’s manual out of your glove box, or contact your vehicle’s manufacturer.



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