This Week’s Ruminations

Here’s some random thoughts from this week:

  • How can I sleep for 12 hours and still be tired?!
  • Did my boss drink the water during his recent trip to South America? (unfortunately my office is stationed near the bathroom)
  • Does M. realize when he decides to spend extra time in bed it affects my getting to work on time? (he will love, love, love that I posted this)
  • Our apple juice tastes kind of funky
  • Cly needs some mushy cat food to stop the hairballs
  • How I loathe grocery shopping – such a necessary evil
  • When I go home sick the office should not call me repeatedly (I was sleeping)
  • Cly was especially grumpy this morning – almost took my hand off when I tried to keep him from eating my library book
  • People need to quit road raging – I drive 60 mph in the 70 zone because it is better for my gas mileage. Didn’t you notice gas prices are outrageous?! (Plus, I need my average mph to be better than M.’s – it a marital war thing)
  • I need to find some time this weekend to write a brief play (Meeting Mayhem)

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