I get other people’s snarks, too!

I just had a coworker visit my office. She has a very legitimate snark (probably even more legitimate than my own, but hey, this is my blog). She is getting married and had her invitations delivered to the office so she would be around at the time of delivery. Luckily, she was also tracking the invitations or they may have ended up in Office Lala Land.

Well, by way of UPS tracking, it showed that the invitations were delivered to the office yesterday. Unfortunately, our usual front office worker who is so very good at what she does was off yesterday and we had some fill-ins, one being the subject of my previous Mr. Obvious Post and also a character in the Old Lady Lunch post. Well, this particular coworker signed for the invitations and ended up stashing them with a bunch of Staples deliveries in a large, mostly unused room.

When my soon-to-be-wed coworker went searching for her invitations today there was no record of the delivery with the front office and it took some time to track them down. Fill-in coworker was all, “I didn’t even notice your name on the box!” Well, duh, there it is in black and white on the label. Not to mention the invitation box looked nothing like the other boxes clearly labeled as “Staples” that they were stashed with.

Please, oh please, this is a plea for conscientious, detail-oriented coworkers, especially if you are doing fill-in duty. Can you imagine if something had happened to these wedding invitations?


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