Deconstructing a Psychopath

M. and I are watching the first season of Dexter on Netflix. (You can also catch the toned down version of season 1 on CBS.) We’ve watched five episodes so far and I am really liking this show. Things I like about Dexter:

  • Dexter’s early life before his foster parents the Morgans took him in is a mystery
  • Dexter’s job is to interpret blood splatters at crime scenes
  • Dexter is played by Michael C. Hall who I first enjoyed in Six Feet Under on HBO
  • For his entire life, Dexter has been learning how to act normal and fit in with general society
  • Harry Morgan, Dexter’s adoptive father, was a cop and recognized Dexter’s urge to kill early
  • Harry taught Dexter to be “normal” and to use his psychopathology for good (only killing the “bad” guys)
  • Dexter’s sister Deb is one tough cookie (and also a cop)
  • I love psychological thrillers and this gives me a one hour dose each time I watch it
  • The show has a cool theme song



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