Random Work Day Thoughts

  1. I wish it would quit raining
  2. I’m tired of printing everything for someone who wants a paperless office
  3. How many times can I send the same email to someone before he reads it?
  4. I wish the Art Institute would quit calling me
  5. I know someone who could really use this parenting video
  6. How much should you let your personal life affect your work?
  7. Just because someone says nothing can be done right now doesn’t mean they’re not working on the problem
  8. Your false cheerfulness makes me gag
  9. I hope she’s okay and doesn’t feel obligated to work all day
  10. What is a mechanical pizza?
  11. If there was a mechanical pizza, what would be the word for wanting to poke your eye out with it?
  12. Don’t beg people to do something like you’ve asked a million times before if this is the first time you are asking
  13. I’m glad in a financial crunch we’re worried about the things that matter – like making sure bookshelves in the front office match…
  14. Why won’t glue stick work on the envelopes?
  15. Is it time to go home yet?!

I do like my job, but today was not the best of days…


1 Comment

  1. gabriel said,

    March 20, 2008 at 7:37 am

    I wish it would stop raining too. It’s really starting to ruin Wednesday as “No Umbrellas Day”.

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