I want to get away with a AAA Getaway!

My workplace bought the entire office pizza for lunch today because the rain just has not stopped and it is miserable outside. So I stayed in for lunch with a handful of coworkers and did not read (I was looking forward to finishing Stray this afternoon, but anyway…)

I’m not sure if I took my full hour or not, so I decided to take a mini-break from my work this afternoon. I had received an email from AAA about various getaway packages they offer. I thought that was cool. M. and I never go anywhere, so I thought I’d check them out. So I scrolled down the list and found a few I wanted to read more about, but when I click on the specific package I get this:

The reservation service is being currently being
No member name.

Figures! So here is a list of AAA Getaways I would be pursuing right now if I wasn’t getting, “Error! Error! No Getaway for you!” (Makes me think of that robot from Lost in Space that would wave his springy arms around and bleep “Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson!”)

  • Escape to Alcatraz (I just watched The Rock this weekend!)
  • Medieval Times
  • Los Angeles or New York Show Package – Wicked (great book, would love to see the play)
  • Wild San Diego
  • Big Apple Adventure (with its museums, theaters, and parks this sounds right up M.’s alley… um, yeah riiight!)
  • Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of the First Emperor
  • The Southern Way of Savannah
  • The Emerald City (would love to stop in on a friend while on the west coast)

A coworker told me today I hadn’t been very snarky on my blog lately. I think I’m all snarked out for now – maybe the rain washed away my snark?


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