Stations of the Cats

5:00 AM: begin food incursion by knocking things off nightstands and dressers, jumping on sleeping people and meowing very loudly

6:35 AM: continue food incursion by pacing around the bathroom, make attempt to get into the shower and get all wet

6:45 AM: chow down!

6:50 AM: bath time

6:55 AM: litter box diversion

7:00 AM: hide and seek behind the quilt on the bed

7:05 AM: nap time…

12:00 PM: … still napping

2:00 PM: get all the toys out and spread them around the house

2:15 PM: more napping

3:15 PM: bath time

4:45 PM: people arrive home, time for another food incursion with loud meows and running under foot

5:00 PM: 2nd chow down!

5:15 PM: retire to various sleeping places – the futon, under the bed, etc.

5:20 PM: bath time and napping

7:00 PM: 3rd food incursion begins…

9:45 PM: final chow down!

9:55 PM: bath time, general playtime

10:30 PM: avert people’s attempts to capture and contain

11:00 PM: have free run of the house

11:05 PM – approx. 2:00 AM: unknown activities

2:00 AM: join the people on the bed, nap time

4:45 AM: prepare for 1st food incursion of the day…

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