Grumbly Morning

This was not the list I was going to do for NaBloPoMo today. I was going to do a cutesy post and list about my adorable Clyde and Luigi, but instead absolutely must do this list instead because it will help my mental state for the day.

Let me preface this by saying I love and adore M. and both my furry babies, but this morning the combination of them about put me over the edge. Writing this post will allow me to decompress and enjoy the rest of my day (unless someone else sets off my snarkiness, which is entirely possible…).

Morning happenings that raised my blood pressure a bit:

  • Clyde and Luigi decided to have a rip, roaring, hissy race around the bedroom about half an hour before I had to be awake.
  • When M. and I got into the kitchen to have our breakfast, M. did a pouty little whiny thing because all the plastic bowls he usually uses for his cereal were in the dishwasher – dirty. Never mind that we also have a cabinet full of other bowls…
  • M. finally concedes to using a non-plastic bowl for his cereal. When he opens the fridge to get the milk he sees two ribeye steaks defrosting and decides to rant a bit about those. (I had put the steaks in there a couple days ago so I can try out a new recipe.) M. decided the steaks were going to be in there too long to be good (never mind that they have been in the freezer for almost a year), and that he wasn’t sure I should be experimenting on his “prime” steaks (never mind that I am using them in a special meal he will be able to enjoy).
  • When I turned on the light to go back to the bedroom and finish getting ready for work I saw that one of the cats had a poo incident and apparently had to use the carpet as toilet paper. That ruined any chances of being to work early this morning.
  • When M. heard me grumbling about the bowl, the steak, and the poo, he basically told me I shouldn’t be snarky (not in those exact words).

Well, M. can be woken up early by demon cats, listen to me whine about not having a particular dish, him making me a special dinner, and scrub up some poo first thing in the morning and we’ll see if he can ward of the snarkies.

Well, that felt good. I will now let you get back to your day and I will go on with mine having released my morning snarkiness into the void of the internet.


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