A Post Tribute to M.

M. loves, loves, loves Star Wars. He’s been all about Star Wars since he was little. He still has all the classic toys (at his mom and dad’s). Luckily, he was a bit of an anal child and his toys are still in very good condition and probably worth a bit of $$$.

As a tribute to M., I am doing a Star Wars related list today. I actually found this list through the Mental Floss blog, so I am also giving myself a break and being lazy by using a list compiled by someone else. So, as a tribute to my Star Wars loving husband, M., here is a list of things that look like the Death Star! (courtesy of Miss Cellania’s Files at Mental Floss)

  1. The Hotel Full Moon in Baku, Azerbaijan
  2. The RAK Convention and Exhibition Center in the new city of Ras al Khaimah, UAE
  3. The Belarus National Library
  4. AT&T’s world globe logo
  5. Panasonic R-70 transistor radio, marketed as the Panapet
  6. Mimas, one of the inner moons of Saturn

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