Random Memories

For my NaBloPoMo list of the day I give you Random Memories from LilSeed’s childhood:

boots on a fence
– I grew up in a rural community in North Dakota. On the drive to our home we passed horse pastures where the farmer put all his old boots out to pasture on the fence posts – very rugged!

tonka trucks -They were my brother’s, but my sister and I loved playing with them in the sandbox too!

cow bones and deer antlers – My dad built our house on 23 acres of land that were previous horse and cow pastures. I loved roaming around the wild areas dad did not maintain as yard. Every now and then I would come across some cow bones. I even found a set of deer antlers that now reside in my garage.

sweat pants – I absolutely HATED jeans until I was in high school. I loved to wear my sweat pants all the time.

clean bedding – I always loved when my mom changed the bedding on my bed (still love it when I change the bedding on my bed). I loved the smell of the clean sheets (mom dried them outside during spring and summer) and how tight everything was tucked.

the rock – there was a big circle in the middle of our neighborhood with a flagpole in it. Near the flagpole was a gigantic rock. All the kids in the neighborhood creatively called this “the rock” and it was a meeting place for kids all through my childhood.

stuck in the mud – My dad loves trees and has planted a big tree row around both yards we had when I was growing up. One spring I was walking in the tree row and the mud was so wet and sticky from the snow melt that I got stuck. No way was I getting out of that mud! I yelled for help and the workmen from a house site next door heard me and rescued me (but not my boots) from the mud. My mom was so embarrassed!

heat stroke – I’ve never been good with heat and humidity. My family used to take trips to Medora, SD during the summers. One year we went horse riding (just trail horses). I was hot that day and I started to feel yucky. Then I started to black out while on the horse. Luckily, I wasn’t too far behind the trail leader who heard me telling my dad I was going to pass out. The trail leader (a very rugged cowboy type) jumped off his horse and got me down before I fell off. He also stayed with me under a tree while the rest of the group continued on. They came back for me with a jeep and some water.

And, just for fun, here is a picture of a Tasmanian devil that I can across and thought was cute. Apparently, these are pretty stinky critters, and from the look on this beast’s face, they’re pretty snarky too!

image by Wayne McLean


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  1. SaraRae said,

    July 3, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Medora is in North Dakota.

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