Recently Read

I recently finished the following books:

  1. Duma Key by Stephen King; I really enjoyed this book. I like the mixture of spooky and artsy in this story. I love Stephen King books, but have had a hard time getting into his post-accident stuff. Both Cell and Duma Key remind me more of the early King.
  2. Lights Out Tonight by Mary Jane Clark; This was given to me by a coworker to read. While the story was interesting, I felt the writing was a bit forced. It almost reminded me of a book I would have read in junior high. One reader on rated the book 2 stars and said that the only thing that redeemed the book was the suspense – that she didn’t know who the killer was until the end. I agree with this assessment.
  3. Down River by John Hart; Excellent! I read John Hart’s first book The King of Lies some time ago and like it well enough, but this book was a great step beyond the first. I look forward to more Hart books.

I am currently reading In the Woods by Tana Hart. I’m only a few chapters in, so it’s too early to make a determination. I am having a little trouble with the slang in the book because it’s Irish and I’m not familiar with Irish slang. Also, the copy of the book I picked up at the library smells of cigarette smoke which gives me a headache, so it’s difficult to read large portions at a time. We’ll see if I make it through. I may need to return it and see if I can get a different copy.


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