Rambling Thoughts From Last Night

The Wizard of Oz was great! Much better than anything my high school ever did when I was in the drama club, but then again we did not have the budget or the student body this school has. (I graduated in a class of 47 students.)

We had dinner at M.’s parent’s house prior to the show and I got to see M.’s workspace at the school before we went and found our seats. And now, for your reading pleasure, here is a look into my head and a list of random thoughts from last night:

  • Eating Subway at M.’s mom and dad’s – not really what I had in mind for a dinner out, but I guess it’s okay since they paid for the sandwiches… and totally over anticipated the total price for 4 people (gave M. $40 to buy the subs) and let M. keep the change.
  • M.’s mom makes a great apple cheesecake!
  • I sure am glad M. drove – it’s really dark out here in the rural area this high school is in.
  • Watch out for that pothole!
  • M.’s coworker’s desk looks like a big garbage heap. My Megabyte Man keeps his desk pretty tidy. Why can’t he do that at home too?
  • M.’s telling me about a bunch of IT technical stuff and I don’t know what any of it means. I’ll just nod my head and smile. He’s so proud of this job.
  • Oh no! I can’t believe she’s here (coworker from MY workplace). I hope our seat is not next to her. She would talk our ear off the entire time.
  • These are really good seats, especially for FREE.
  • The opening musical thingy at the beginning of this play is too long. I want to see my nephew and find out what a Winkie is.
  • Oh, my nephew doesn’t come on until Act 2, Scene 5. Hmm, guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy for now. That scarecrow is really very good, very floppy. I totally believe he has no brain!
  • A Winkie one of the Wicked Witch’s henchmen! I never knew. My nephew is a kick ass Winkie!
  • Glad we saw the show tonight – snow tomorrow!

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