I (heart) Schwan

I hate, hate, hate shopping in stores. I don’t like crowds and I can easily get anxious in crowded stores or malls. Anytime I can shop online I do it. M. and I have been getting Schwan home delivery for the past couple of years. I love it! I just wish I could do all my grocery shopping through Schwans.

Unfortunately for our Schwan man, the weather does not love him. For the past few weeks Tuesdays here have been bad weather day. Guess which day we get Schwan delivery? Yep, every other Tuesday. Last night he came and it was raining and about 35 degrees. The time before last night, it was raining some sleety, freezy rain. Once he arrives he needs to go around his truck bagging up our order, so it can’t be pleasant during these Terrible Weather Tuesdays.

So this post is dedicated to my current Schwan man. We went through several unreliable Schwan delivery persons until this one came along. He always shows up when he’s supposed to and at around the same time each delivery day. That may not seem like a big deal, but I really appreciate it!

So here are some of our favorite things to order from Schwans:

  • buttermilk pancakes
  • chicken and three cheese quesadillas
  • roasted turkey and vegetable dinner
  • seasoned stuffed chicken breasts
  • diced chicken breast meat
  • beef tips dinner
  • creamy mashed potatoes
  • chicken marsala with bowtie pasta
  • apple cinnamon french toast sticks
  • six cheese tortellini
  • beef, bean, and two cheese chimichangas
  • grilled cheese toastwich
  • chicken tortilla soup
  • krunchie potato wedges




  1. LilSeed said,

    March 5, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    The food is pretty good. I could make those things too, but the pre-packaged, pop it in the microwave makes things very easy. It allows me to sleep in a bit later in the mornings and it’s easy to grab the pancakes, french toast sticks, grilled cheese for lunch at work.

  2. Jenna Z said,

    March 5, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    Hey! I am visiting your blog via Bossy’s INDY visit discussion! I have to seriously ask you, what is it you like about Schwann? Is it merely the convenience? Or is their food really so great that you would pay the kind of high prices for it? Because really, I can easily make pancakes or french toast or grilled cheese for far less! Unless it’s really just that good.

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