The Worst Grocery Shopping Experience

We’re having a goodbye lunch for those who were laid off at work today. This is their last week. Typically, we do carry-ins for such occasions, and this time was no different. I decided to mix up some chicken ranch burritos, but in order to make them I had to run to the grocery store on my way home from work yesterday. Here are the reasons why it was the worst trip to the grocery store – EVER!!

  • It was pouring rain outside
  • The traffic lights were out at a major intersection. A police officer was directing traffic and all lanes got to go TWICE before mine
  • Finally nearing the grocery store, cars were backed out onto the street in a line to get gas at a station that still had gas for $3.01/gallon
  • It was too windy for my umbrella to give me adequate coverage from the rain
  • M. was not with me to temper my crowd anxiety
  • It took me all of 5 minutes to get the few things I needed and then I stood in a checkout line for about 15 minutes
  • The lady at the head of the checkout line (with a full cart) did not bag any of her items, she just stood there while they were rung up
  • The cashier put in too much money when Ms. I Don’t Bag paid her and we had to wait for a manager override
  • When I finally was on my way out a lady stood right in the out door while she attempted to open her umbrella – blocking passage for anyone else who might want to exit the store – like ME

In any case, I did get what I needed and made it home safely. The burrito stuff is in the fridge at work just waiting for me to prepare it for today’s lunch. Hopefully today will go better than yesterday – but so far the weather has not been a good indicator. It’s still raining here…

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