My Psychic Powers

Despite what some people out there may think, I do not have psychic powers, but thank you for thinking it is so.

Part of my job is coordinating interagency agreements between the organization I work for and the organizations we work with. In order for me to know we need to get an agreement in place, I need notification from my coworkers. This afternoon I received an email from a coworker saying they were following up on the agreement with ABC Agency – they had not seen anything in ABC Agency’s file to indicate where we were with getting the agreement in place.

For the life of me, I could not remember being notified that ABC Agency needed an agreement, but thought I might have missed the initial email, so I emailed coworker back and let her know I wasn’t aware ABC Agency needed an agreement, but I’d give them a call right then and follow up tomorrow if I was not able to speak with anyone today.

Coworker emails me back to let me know they just learned of the need for the agreement today. Well, sorry for missing that mental vibe you sent me earlier…



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