The Big Eye Roll

With M. I am known for rolling my eyes. He says I roll my eyes at everything. Which isn’t true, of course, but I do know I do a lot of eye rolling. So I have created a new label for my posts: The Big Eye Roll. This way I can post about things that do, in fact, make me roll my eyes. Here is a list to get us rolling of things that have recently made me roll my eyes, thus getting the BIG EYE ROLL:

  • Little Miss Blondie driving down the road in her sporty convertible with the top down in 45 degree weather
  • The new van blessing on wheels
  • Someone calls you, asks for “so and so.” You tell them they have the wrong number and then they say, “so, so and so isn’t there?”
  • The “Kiss & Tell” promos on the Oxygen channel – have you seen those?!
  • When my older cat hisses at the younger one just for walking by
  • My cats acting like they are starving two hours before their regularly scheduled feeding time
  • M. saying he will help clean the house
  • Coworkers needing to talk about how many calories are in whatever they are eating (especially when I’m trying to read during lunch)
  • Gushy, lovey, chic flicks
  • Receiving American Baby magazine in the mail last Friday – is this my sister-in-law’s idea of joke (or perhaps a not-so-subtle hint)?
  • Lots of other things I am not thinking of right now and will probably write about later…

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