Old Lady Lunch

Last Friday I was invited to lunch with some of the front office staff. They were taking one of the people who were laid off in the last round of company cuts. I was surprised to be invited, but agreed to go along. In all, seven women were gathered around the table at lunch and all were over 40 except myself. (Disclaimer: Please, if you are 40 or over, do not take offense to my post title – this refers specifically to those I was dining with and their personalities.)

Here is a list of things that happened during Old Lady Lunch:

  • On the way to the restaurant I got to hear how Ms. Obvious’s new van is a great big blessing from God on wheels
  • Once at the restaurant I got to listen to everyone complain about how small the type on the menus was, how they couldn’t read the menu because the lighting was bad…
  • Two people did 98% of the talking (I was not one of them)
  • I got to hear all about heartthrobs from the 60’s and 70’s
  • At the end of the lunch I waited for about 15 minutes while the others tried to decide the most efficient way to combine checks to make their plethora of coupons go the farthest

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