No kids for me. My life just doesn’t accommodate children. I cannot imagine having a child – birthing one, having one in my home, parenting one, being responsible for another life. So isn’t ironic that Google Reader loves to recommend parenting blogs to me?

I recall at a family gathering my sister-in-law looked around the room and said, “Hey, everyone here has children.” She paused and then said, while looking directly at me, “Well, almost everyone.” As if I am disrupting the natural way of the world by not having any children… I am a woman therefore I shall have children?

I have no desire to have children. I look at my life as it is, what it might look like in the future, and no where in either picture do children fit in. And what is wrong with that? Why I should I feel that I’ve made some unholy mistake because I am happy with a childless life?

I respect those who do chose to have children. I don’t always understand the deep desire many people have to have children, but I respect the fact that they do have that need. However, I wish those who do have or want to have children would allow me the same respect.

I can be happy without children. That doesn’t mean I don’t like children. I have several nieces and nephews and am perfectly happy to visit with them, play with them, talk with them – in small doses. I do love them. I guess Google knows I have this love of children too, even if I don’t want any of my own!

I have two cats and they are like my children to me. Very self-sustained, low maintenance children! They are two of the most spoiled little furballs in the world and I love them to pieces. Those who cannot aspire to do the work of taking care of actual human children should consider the fulfilling life of cat parenthood!


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