Big Sigh…

Such disappointing things going on lately! Last week I was almost downsized from my job. I would love to not work, but financially, that is not an option right now. Fortunately, what I do cannot easily be farmed out to other people here, so we worked out a deal. I will be able to stay on, full-time, at my regular pay, however there are going to be some people who will not make the cut. We’re having an agency meeting this afternoon – I am sure it is to discuss the future of the organization. It puts a very heavy weight on my heart. The weather outside has been miserable and gloomy for the past week and the environment in the office has matched. People know there is something going on – lots of closed door meetings and long, long executive team meetings. Maybe this meeting today will clarify what’s up.

Another thing that makes my heart weary is that one of my favorite digital scrappers – someone who has shared a wealth of knowledge with the internet world and many digital freebies has been pirated. She works for an online digital shop and the stuff she created for sale there was hacked from her download account where she also had her freebies.

Today is just one big sigh! Hopefully better things to come tomorrow…


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