Since the Beginning of Blogdom

I’ve always been fascinated by blogs – especially by the ones that are good. I’ve always wanted one of those blogs, too. I have a MySpace page where I did some blogging, but the people who were my “friends” at that particular time were mainly the ones I wanted to blog about, so not a good option.

My next attempt at a blog had some good writing, but it all seemed so negative. I didn’t want to be known, even in the internet world, as a festering vessel of negativity. So that blog went by the wayside.

Since my previously unsuccessful blogging attempts I’ve found a more positive center within myself (with the help of Prozac) and have once again ventured out into the wide world of the internet to put my thoughts out there.

I use Google Reader to track all my favorite blogs and this morning read the following quote from Erik Spiekermann’s blog:

This blog has not been very active of late because I was too ambitious, trying only to publish what I thought was really relevant. From now on, no such pretense. I shall post whatever I feel like, and from wherever I’ll be.

That was one of the problems I had with previous blogging attempts: trying to make all my posts deep and insightful – something the internet world would read and think, “Wow, I never thought about that in that way.” I am just going to have to give up my dream of being the deep thoughts blogger of today and write whatever is going on in my mind and if, in the that course of blogging, something deep and insightful does emerge, then all the more better.

So here is to the kingdom of Blogdom and all its wonderful explorers. May we all write what is in our hearts and minds and not give a fig about causing deep emotional reactions in our readers.


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