Call Me LilSeed

Hello great, big, internet world! This will be my second attempt at a blog. I tried one out some time ago in my pre-Prozac days and found it only exacerbated my angry, depressed feelings. I found the only time I felt like writing was when I was feeling a negative feeling. I am a changed person since beginning to take Prozac and want my writing to reflect that. I don’t want to live my life in a negative haze!

I have found several blogs out there that I enjoy reading because the writers often affect my life in some way. It may not be a huge way, but they make me think, they make me smile, they make me feel creative. I wish to have a blog like that, but am happy just sharing with the world.

So I am back to add my musings to the internet. I hope whomever happens to stumble across my little corner of the ‘net finds something interesting to read or think about (even if you don’t agree with me or think I am just rambling!).

I am sure regular readers will come to learn plenty about me, but here’s a short list of who I am:
-wife to M.
-mother of two fuzzies (cats)
-avid reader
-crafter (enjoy cardmaking, digital designing, very amateur sewing)
-executive assistant for a non-profit organization
-office computer whiz (much to my husband’s amusement since he is a computer technician)
-one who does not desire to have human children

You can call me LilSeed.


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